Violeta Robla
Graphic Designer

Elisava Escola de Disseny

In collaboration with Gloria Buecher

The task was to create an editorial piece about a specific topic: The Antwerp Six. A fashion collective which presented a distinct, radical vision for fashion during the 1980s and established Antwerp as a notable location for fashion design.

The main concept the book highlights is the contrast between the short duration of a fashion show versus the long and tedious process of preparing it. The structure is a metaphor of this. It’s divided into three parts. First, it starts with the result: the fashion show itself, represented with images in a super coated paper. After, an introduction, and lastly the step by step process of how to prepare the fashion show. Each one is represented by the work of one of The Antwerp Six.

“Behind the Show” is focused on an academic field. Both the format and layout reflect this. Each page works on its own as a file and together as a "folder".